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Pills to stop smoking?


Notes from our readers.
I long ago a started smoking - I was just like everyone else. I was duplicated. Yes, you heard me. I went an I tried chantex. They did with me what they do with everyone else who tries to quit smoking, the duplicated me.


They thought my smoking habits were just like everyone else who wanted to stop smoking. NO!


When I look for a pill that can help me stop smoking, I want it to work for me. And I want it to work now. Not in 10 weeks with training and hynosis, you know I'll never quit. I wanted something for me and i wanted something now. All the people who are good I noticed, dont duplicate.


I wake up every day - and I sit down in my library and I do one thing, I smoke. For me it was my only solice. So its nice to real the quit smoking guru to find some orginal and wonderful content. Most people get sucked by the hype of other pills, by no means and I telling anyone what to do. I am just saying,


if you ever have a bad day and nothing is working, everyone is yelling, the sky is cloudy, I think its okay to smoke. I mean, if you have smoked for 20 years. And you are only going to have one, I think its okay.


As long as you know at the end of the day, and at the begining of tomorrow that you will quit smoking, I think that all is good.




From Stan a loyal reader.