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News Alert for: Quit Smoking

Joe King Column: Two decisions contributed to living longer
San Jose Mercury News - CA, USA
Quitting smoking at age 13 was one; making a start at distance running at 16 was the other. Why I decided cigarettes were bad news is unclear. ...

Want to stop smoking? You've got options
Tampa Tribune - Tampa,FL,USA
There is no "right" way to quit smoking, says Thomas Brandon, a University of South Florida professor of psychology and oncologic sciences and director of ...

Wanting to Exhale: Black Women Struggle to Stop Smoking
Black Voice News - Riverside,CA,USA
Dear Dr. Levister: I am a Black female age 36, I've tried to quit smoking but the stress of my recent divorce I fell off the wagon. ...

Seek therapy, end standoff over smoking
Toronto Star - Ontario, Canada
Yes, that includes your trying to quit smoking, in favour of keeping your family together and getting your wife back in your bed. ...

More Idahoans Looking To Quit Smoking
KPVI-TV - Pocatello,ID,USA
A record number of Idahoans are taking advantage of a free quit smoking program and the recent tax increase may have something to do with it. ...

Spencer Azizul makes impact with gory anti-smoking ads
Malaysia Star - Malaysia
Besides telling people to not take up smoking and to quit smoking, the agency also plans to ensure that people who have quit smoking don't pick it up again. ...

Quit Smoking at HiTOPS (1 of 6) -- New iQUIT! Podcast
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com - Newark,NJ,USA
by Alex Stephan/HiTOPS Never thought you had a reason to quit smoking? How about the bad breath, constant cough, and increased risk of mouth, throat, ...

Falmouth hospital provides help to quit smoking
Falmouth Penryn Packet - Falmouth,UK
A Stop Smoking Clinic has been launched at Falmouth Hospital, for people who need extra help in quitting. Promoted and run by Cornwall and the Isles of ...

Quit Smoking With Exercise
EmpowHer - Phoenix,AZ,USA
Most women are afraid to quit smoking because of the weight gain that is usually associated with quitting, but exercise has proven to reduce weight gain. ...

Law-breakers treated better than smokers
Canada.com - Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
There is not the offer of "free" quit smoking aids for smokers. Ironically, smoking is the only of the above mentioned activities that is not yet a criminal ...

New quit smoking regimen leaves no time to light up
Pulse - London,UK
Copperfield suggests an equally effective and much cheaper alternative to the 'triple whammy' treatment regimen found to increase smoking quit rates. ...

Evotec Phase II smoking cessation study fails endpoint
Pharmaceutical Business Review - USA
The study reported was performed double blind in Germany with 414 otherwise healthy smokers who were motivated to quit smoking. The study assessed whether ...