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News Alert for: Quit Smoking

NCTOH: How to handle psychological and drug co-morbidities in ...
Examiner.com - USA
Until an individual is stable, they are unlikely to quit smoking. Once the individual is relatively symptom free, that is the time to motivate the ...

Bars and cigarettes: The dynamic duo
Examiner.com - USA
Dan Abramson, 23, quit smoking a couple of years ago. An impressive feat, he ended his habit "cold turkey," with no outside help. There was no looking back. ...

AP News in Brief
The Associated Press
President Barack Obama, who has spoken of his own struggle to quit smoking, said he was eager to sign the legislation, and the House planned a vote for ...

New tobacco rules: What will they do?
Christian Science Monitor - USA
This is assuming that President Obama, who has talked about his own efforts to quit smoking, signs the historic legislation on tobacco regulation that ...

New Survey Shows Cigarette Tax Increases A Motivator For Smokers ...
North American Press Syndicate - New York,NY,USA
Alarmingly, almost half of smokers currently quitting or more likely to quit smoking noted that they do not plan to get help, according to the survey. ...

Fox News Poll: Do You Think Obama Is Still Smoking?
Huffington Post - New York,NY,USA
Among them: Barack Obama says he quit smoking cigarettes. Do you think Obama is still sneaking cigarettes at the White House or do you think he has ...

Doctor and Patient Medicine in the Age of Twitter
New York Times - United States
There is no cure for Buerger's disease; the only way to slow the process is to quit smoking. Therein lies the tragedy. For unknown reasons, patients who ...

North East businesses see £70m a year go up in smoke
Morpeth Herald - Morpeth,England,UK
"A 20 a day smoker will save around £35 a week when they quit smoking. Over the past year, our stop smoking specialists have worked closely with several ...

Tobacco Talk: Helping Veterans Kick the Habit
iBerkshires.com - North Adams,MA,USA
Post your comments here and tell us how you quit or helped another smoker quit. Though smoking rates have fallen in recent years, smoking remains the ...

Quitting smoking may love company
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
... the economic downturn, combined with higher tobacco taxes, makes this a good time for health care providers to help people like Wolbert quit smoking. ...

Big tobacco could go under FDA regulation
WPDE - Myrtle Beach,SC,USA
"We know the smokers that are already smoking, it's a hard thing for them to quit. So anything we can do to stop kids from getting involved with tobacco ...

Sure Start smokers quit with parents' help
Nursery World - London,UK
As a result of the group, two members of staff say they have quit smoking and another has reduced the number of cigarettes she smokes. ...

Quit-smoking aid may cause depression: Health Canada
Vancouver Sun - British Columbia, Canada
OTTAWA - Canadians who have made New Year's resolutions to quit smoking should be careful about what types of smoking-cessation aids they choose, ...

Quit Smoking Products
Footbo - London,UK
By Mike Cole | 10/06/09 If you are trying to quit smoking products such as nicotine gums are often a first choice. This is because they provide your body ...

For many senators, tobacco bill is personal
The Associated Press
Lautenberg, who with Durbin led the effort to ban smoking in commercial planes two decades ago, said he quit smoking more than 30 years ago. ...

Helping Yourself by Helping Others
PR.com (press release) - Levittown,NY,USA
Psychologists have noticed that many people need a serious/drastic reason to find the willpower to quit smoking. To help children, whose lives depend on ...

Herbal Quit Smoking Tea
Realizing the ill effects of smoking no doubt that many smokers are looking for easy ways to quit smoking But the warning must be given if you have been ...

Stop Smoking Cravings
Footbo - London,UK
2) Don't Overthink It:- When people try to quit smoking one of the key reasons behind their failure is overthinking the issue. By thinking about how badly ...

Quit Smoking Cold Turkey
Footbo - London,UK
Most people who have stopped smoking completely have tried several times before success came for them. When you quit smoking cold turkey you are applying ...

Use running to help quit smoking
Examiner.com - USA
So one question remains, how strong of a treatment does running provide for quitting smoking? There are many doctors with all sorts of treatment programs ...

Michigan's 'quit smoking' hotline is back in service, minus ...
MLive.com - MI,USA
Michiganians who want to take advantage of the program and stop smoking or quit using other tobacco products can call the service at 1-800-784-8669, ...

Nicotine gum before quitting smoking not helpful
Reuters - USA
The other subjects were assigned to use the same nicotine gum for 8 weeks beginning on their quit date and instructed to quit smoking abruptly. ...

Test developed for measuring lung cancer risk: researchers
"The test results may help patients decide, with their doctor, to get help to quit smoking and how closely they should be monitored for lung cancer going ...

How Children Are Affected When Parents Smoke At Home
eMaxHealth.com - Hickory,NC,USA
Quitting smoking, and making your home smoke-free, are the surest ways to protect yourself and your family. Smoking in a separate room, opening a window, ...

Ash attacks firms over cheaper cigarettes
Stuff.co.nz - Wellington,New Zealand
By IAN STEWARD - The Press Cigarette companies are using "loopholes" in legislation to cut prices and reverse smokers' quit rates, anti-smoking groups say. ...

Ways to embarrass a smoker
Times of India - India
Explains psychiatrist Dr. Sameer Parekh, “Quitting smoking is a problem that needs a three-way treatment. First educate the smoker on the biological, ...

New test can assess risk of lung cancer
3 News NZ - Auckland,New Zealand
Dr Robert Young of the University of Auckland believes this is an effective way of helping people quit smoking. “Smokers are concerned at lung cancer in ...

How the Energy Dept. Can Change Its Wasteful Ways
BusinessWeek - USA
But as anyone who's tried to diet, quit smoking, or exercise more knows, there's a big difference between knowing what you should do and doing it. ...

For yourself others quit smoking | Stop smoking
Just about everywhere I turn these days I see somebody with a cigarette in their mouth. On the job, in their car, in the parking lot, and above all else, i.

New cigarette may help
WTHI - Terre Haute,IN,USA
Experts said if you want to quit smoking you might be better off sticking with approved methods. If you want help to quit smoking, call 1-800-QUIT-NOW to ...

Quit Smoking Program Money Running Out
WSMV - Nashville,TN,USA
A few years ago, the state got more than $10 million to set up and fund programs to promote quitting smoking. Thousands of people have taken advantage of ...

Today on the Hill
Washington Post Blogs - Washington,DC,USA
If the anti-smokers try to use a smoking ban to force you to quit smoking, realize this is a bait-and-switch by them. The smoking bans are supposedly there ...

Help to save money by quitting smoking habit
ChronicleLive - Newcastle upon Tyne,England,UK
“A couple quitting smoking could save around £4000 a year. That's the same as a decent pay rise and could pay for a fantastic family holiday, ...

Casinos go on offensive to ward off smoking ban
New Orleans CityBusiness - New Orleans,LA,USA
“This is a far reaching thing, and if I thought you could make everybody in Louisiana quit smoking by doing this, I'd be beating the drums to say let's do ...

Help to quit smoking is in short supply
Kathimerini - Athens,Greece
There are currently less than 40 clinics across Greece that help people quit smoking and it seems that this number will have to increase to satisfy demand. ...

Health workers urged to combat smoking
Arab News - Jeddah,Saudi Arabia
“Pharmacists have easy access to people and they can approach members of the public in a friendly way to help them quit smoking,” she said. ...

Some need many attempts to quit smoking
United Press International - USA
MILWAUKEE, June 9 (UPI) -- Multiple strategies and multiple attempts may be necessary for young adults to quit smoking, despite efforts to quit after ...

Senate could vote today on tougher tobacco laws
USA Today - USA
President Obama , who has struggled to quit smoking, has said he'll sign the legislation. "It's historic in that we're finally saying tobacco needs to be ...

Massachusetts smokers quitting, according to survey
The Republican - MassLive.com - Springfield,MA,USA
by The Republican Newsroom The Executive Office of Health and Human Services said last week that about 33000 MassHealth members have quit smoking since the ...

Maybe it's time to quit?
Hot Springs Star - Hot Springs,SD,USA
With the new tax increase and House Bill 1240, now might be the best time to quit smoking and using tobacco all together. The South Dakota Quit Line can ...

Locals not threatened by House smoking ban
Mirror - Royal Oak,MI,USA
Doyle herself quit smoking about two months ago. “I stopped smoking in the midst of everyone around me smoking,” she said. But an increasing number of bar ...

Smoking reported down 26% among people with Mass. subsidized ...
The Republican - MassLive.com - Springfield,MA,USA
... members have quit smoking since the state's tobacco cessation benefit was established in 2006, according to a recent Department of Public Health survey. ...

Women benefit from smoking cessation
Maryville Daily Times - Maryville,TN,USA
She adds that after just 24 hours, the chances of a heart attack decrease, and two days after quitting smoking, a woman's ability to smell and taste will ...

Letters to the President
Muncie Star Press - Muncie,IN,USA
Another way that we could try to have people quit smoking is by making them illegal to smoke anywhere but your home. If we did that, then people would have ...

Health minister tells staff to quit or leave
Hürriyet - Turkey
... a message from Akdag saying the health minister was insistent that managers working in health services set an example and quit smoking ahead of the ban. ...

For yourself, others, quit smoking
Berkshire Eagle - Pittsfield,MA,USA
If you've tried to quit without success, do you honestly believe the possibility is hopeless? Do you honestly believe you can't stop smoking? ...

High Taxes are the New Nicorette
WCAX - Burlington,VT,USA
It turns out there is an upside to higher taxes; it may be the key to getting people to quit smoking. A year after New York raised its cigarette tax to ...

Most young people don't seem to want to quit smoking
MyWestTexas.com - Midland,TX,USA
They plan every waking moment around smoking, making sure they have enough cigarettes and ways to light them. I was ready to quit. When I smoked in the car, ...

Break physical, psychological addiction
Myrtle Beach Sun News - Myrtle Beach,SC,USA
They used the same method to quit smoking that they were using on the other addicts. Of course, you have to want to quit. I lost my father to emphysema and ...

Computer Is an Ally in QuitSmoking Lungs Pulmonary and Respiratory ...
Learn about lung therapies and respiratory health, including medical information about asthma, lung cancer and pneumonia.

Quit Smoking using Hypnosis Meetup Groups Quit Smoking using ...
Helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world about Quit Smoking using Hypnosis.